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Furipterus horrens, Thumbless Bat
Dr. Nancy Simmons - American Museum of Natural History
Furipterus horrens
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American Museum of Natural History (AMNH 244493)

Image processing: Dr. Amy Balanoff
Publication Date: 08 Jul 2003

Views: whole specimen | head only | wrist


Furipterus horrens, the thumbless bat, is misnamed it clearly has a thumb, although the digit is reduced and is largely enclosed in the edge of the wing membrane. These tiny bats live in the Neotropics from Costa Rica south to Brazil. They fly like large moths through the forest understory, and roost in hollows in fallen trees and in small caves. Furipterus horrens is one of only two species in the Furipteridae.

About the Species

This specimen was made available to The University of Texas High-Resolution X-ray CT Facility for scanning by Dr. Nancy Simmons of the American Museum of Natural History. Funding for scanning was provided by a National Science Foundation grant (DEB-9873663) to Dr. Simmons, and funding for scanning and image processing was provided by an NSF Digital Libraries Initiative grant to Dr. Timothy Rowe of The University of Texas at Austin.

Furipterus horrens
Dorsal view of the scanned specimen.

Furipterus horrens
Lateral view of the scanned specimen.

About this Specimen

This specimen was scanned by Matthew Colbert on 21 February 2003 along the coronal axis for a total of 1485 slices. The specimen was mounted in florists foam for scanning. Each slice is 0.039 mm thick, with an interslice spacing of 0.039 mm and a field of reconstruction of 32.0 mm. Slices 1-480 were used for the image processing of the head.

About the


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