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DigiMorph Staff Profile


Farrah L. Welch
Research Scientist Assistant
The University of Texas at Austin
email: fwelch@mail.utexas.edu

B.A. Anthropology, The University of Texas at Austin (2001)

DigiMorph Contributions

I have worked at the UT High-resolution X-ray CT Facility since February of 2000, creating CT media that is published on this site. This includes digitally reslicing the original CT data, three-dimensional volume rendering, as well as special image processing for unique and problem data sets. For the past few months, I have taken the challenge, along with co-worker Julian Humphries, of redesigning and implementing the DigiMorph site.

Research Interests

Computed tomography has fascinated me from the moment I was introduced to it at a lecture given by Dr. Timothy Rowe, now our project director here at DigiMorph. Shortly afterwards, I was employed by the CT lab as an undergraduate research assistant to work on this digital library. While working at the lab and pursuing my undergraduate degree, I also had the fortunate oppertunity to take on my own research project in the UT Digital Methods class where I worked on the CT scans of an important Oligocene primate, Rooneyia viejaensis. This project introduced me to digital morphology and has sparked an interest in me to pursue further research on this specimen, as well as to take on other projects involving CT.

I am interested in both physical anthropology and paleontology, and my long term goal is to get a Ph.D. and board certification in forensic anthropology. I recently graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in Anthropology and hope to be attending graduate school soon.

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