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Digital Methods Course Information

This is a seminar/hands-on course for graduate students interested in working with and publishing CT data. This class will provide a forum for students to become experts on cranial osteology in the course of exploring the technical issues of acquiring, designing, manipulating, authoring, and publishing digital content. This is a project-based course, where students will work towards producing a labeled CT data set on the Web and on CD-ROM.

Instructors: Tim Rowe and associates:

Location: Center for Instructional Technologies Multimedia Lab. GSB 2.130.

Lab hours: M-Th 9am-8pm, Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 2-6pm.

Lab phone: 475-9261. The lab sometimes is reserved for other classes. Call first to check for available machines.


  • Computer proficiency: Win/Mac, file transfer, FTP, internet, email.
  • Computer accounts: Students must have an IF account with UNIX account for file storage/transfer. See: http://www.utexas.edu/cc/account/ Read the introduction, follow steps. You will need a UNIX account for storing and transferring files. You may set your own disk quota. You are charged per megabyte.
  • Consent of Tim Rowe

    WARNING: This class may be time intensive! Be prepared to spend the semester in front of a computer. Never put your trust in technology. All students are responsible for providing storage media and backing up work.

About the term project: Goals for CT data projects:

  • Understand CT scanning technology
  • Process images to appropriate resolution and dimensions
  • Generate all three slice planes from given data
  • Build animations for each plane
  • Provide images with anatomical labels and slice numbers in an appropriate size, color, and font
  • Determine sources and ranges of error
  • Document all protocols and methods
  • "Show and tell" sessions including discussions of morphology
  • Anatomical description of project specimens
  • 'Publish' results on Web and CD-ROM

About Assignments: In order for you to stay on schedule, all assignments must be completed on time.

Class participation: Attendance is mandatory. Students are expected to come to each meeting prepared with course materials (handouts), to participate in class and on-line discussion, and work collaboratively.

Grading: Grading will be based on successful completion of assignments and project.

Digital Methods Tools and Resources


QT Pro
VGStudio MAX

Spring 2001 - E-mail to. Coco Kishi- copyright 2001 UT Center for Instructional Technologies and UTCT Lab
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