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DigiMorph Staff Profile


Julian Humphries

  Texas Memorial Museum and Department of Geological Sciences
  University of Texas
  Austin, TX, 78712
  Email: humphries@mail.utexas.edu
  Phone: 512- 471-3275
  Bachelor of Science, Biology, Jacksonville University, 1971
  Master of Science, Biology, Tulane University, 1977
  Doctor of Philosophy, Biological Sciences, University of Michigan,1981

DigiMorph Contributions

Research Interests

Some Recent and Not So Recent Publications

Blake, J.A., C.J. Bult, M.J. Donoghue, J.M. Humphries and C. Fields. 1994. Interoperability of Biological Data Bases: A Meeting Report. Systematic Biology 43:585-589.

Bookstein , F.L. Chernoff, R. Elder, J. Humphries, J. Smith, G. & Strauss, R. 1985. Morphometrics in evolutionary biology. Special publication 15. The Academy of Natural Science Philadelphia. Philadelphia.

Humphries, J. M. 1986-98. MUSE, a microcomputer program for managing natural history collections.

Humphries, J. M. 1996. MUSE, a tutorial and reference manual.

Humphries, J. M. and R.C. Cashner. 1994. Notropis suttkusi, a new cyprinid from the Ouachita Uplands of Oklahoma and Arkansas, with comments on the status of Ozarkian populations of N. rubellus. Copeia 1994(1) 82-90.

Humphries, J. M., W. L. Fink and J. Cracraft. 1991. Testimony to the BBS Task Force Looking to the 21st Century. Systematic Zoology 40: 383-385.

Mabee, P.M. and J. M. Humphries. 1993. Coding polymorphic data: examples from allozymes and ontogeny. Systematic Biology.

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